Tamino Parren
Director & Cinematographer

Breda, The Netherlands

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“For me, making a film always starts with a fascination towards people. In all their strength and vulnerability. What drives people to what they do? Film is a powerful medium in which it is possible to translate larger, socially critical themes into small, personal stories. A documentary film can challenge the audience, makes them wonder about themselves and each other and thus form a different perspective on the world around us.”

In his films Tamino Parren (1988) investigates the relationship of the individual to his comfort zone. He is fascinated by people with an outspoken vision or a unique life style. Frequently he portrays people who lead an isolated life, sometimes out of free will and sometimes out of necessity. As a filmmaker, he tries to depict the impact of this way of life. Observations in one’s natural habitat almost turn the viewer into a voyeur. The result leads to intimate scenes and a surprising point of view. Along with documentary filmmaker Loes Janssen he also works on film projects under the name Vis Film. Together they create visually original stories, each with a different approach.